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How to head swap from FAS3240 to FAS8020.(7Mode)



We have a activity where we need to remove the diskshelves which are connected to FAS3240, which as 8.1.2P4, to New Controller FAS 8020 (7Mode).

We are moving the diskshelves which has root volume in it. we are fine to use the old volume and or the new volume which his part of FAS8020.

Old filer has CIFS/NFS/FC


Note: Root volume is part of an aggregate, which has other data, which also need to be moved.

Kindly suggest the best practice, with simple steps....




I would strongly recommend professional services for this.


Headswaps are routine procedures but there is plenty of opportunity for things to go sideways.  


At the very least though, you'll need to prep the 3240.  Update to 8.1.4P9, then go to 8.2.3P5, including firmware, bios, sp, etc.  Make sure your config is clean, the running config matches the on-disk config, and you've remediated any issues flagged by config advisor.  Request 8.2 keys for the old head, just in case, and review the big controller upgrade doc.   Even that doc doesn't cover every scenario, but if your config is simple and everything lives in vfiler0 your config may be covered.






There is really no point in jumping through extra update, if target is 8.2. What is important, old head should be updated to the same version as is installed on new head. I usually always use netboot to install specific release on new controller.


Hey Kamal, 



Netboot woudl be ideal option in this case 


1) Shutdown FAS3240


2) netboot FAS8020 with the version it supports ( Nake sure u have already connected your disk shelf's )


3) Netbooting will immediately upgrades the WAFL labels of the attached disks


4) Assign new disk's ( If it fails go to Advanced mode and try command DISK REASSIGN )


5) You are good to go