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OnTAP Deploy Bundled Version


Not sure why this information is so difficult to find. A year ago I deployed OnTAP Deploy 9.5.2113 (2.11.3) with our first OnTAP Select instances. The Deploy version came bundled with OnTAP 9.5P6. 


I'm going to patch OnTAP to 9.5P13. I would like to upgrade the Deploy utility to version 9.5.2114 (2.11.4) just to keep it in the 9.5 family, but I can't find any documentation on which OnTAP version this corresponds to. I realize I will be deploying the OnTAP upgrade normally but I want to know which OnTAP version corresponds with this Deploy upgrade to get a rough idea of which one it's designed to correspond to.


The PDF below gives the answer for 2.11.1 and 2.11.2, but not .3 (the one I'm on) or .4 (the one I'm going to). The Deploy documentation page skips 2.11.4 so I can't get to the release notes for that version. Any ideas?




Re: OnTAP Deploy Bundled Version

Hi - From what I can tell, Deploy 2.11.4 includes 9.5P9.

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Re: OnTAP Deploy Bundled Version

Excellent! Thank you very much @kryan !

Check out the KB!
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