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OnTap Select and Deploy - Changing the Default Gateway



I need to change the default gateway for the management interfaces in an OnTAP Select 2-node cluster and in the OnTAP Deploy VM due to pending network changes. Would like some feedback on the following issues if anyone can assist!


  1. Within OnTAP Select I will add the new route with a lower metric, and delete the old route once the network change is made. I will also change the gateway in the subnet, although I'm not sure if I need to do anything special after that to make the management interfaces 'pick up' the change. Does that happen automatically when I add the new route and remove the old one?
  2. Within OnTAP Deploy, two issues. One: I think that when I choose "Cluster Refresh" it will pick up the new default gateway; does that sound right? Two: I need to change the default gateway for the Deploy VM itself, but cannot find anywhere in either the GUI or command line interface where to make the change! Any ideas?




1. You can create a new route to your SVM's with lower metric, that works fine.



2. I used the VMware vApp Configuration Tab to Change the Default Gateway.. Another Option is to Backup the Configuration of the ONTAP Deploy and migrate to a new..(SSH to Deploy Instance and to the Steps in the Guide: https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/ontap-select/task_cli_migrate_deploy.html)


Offical Guide for your Case doesn't exists




Thank you @Fabian1993 ! All good tips. As it turns out, surprisingly, I found out over the weekend that we won't actually have to make this change after all :), but this is still a good exercise in knowing what to do if it ever comes up! I actually didn't see the vApp Configuration Tab, not sure why.