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Ontap 7-mode simulater lab setup


HI All,


I am trying to setup a lab with vmware simulator, installed windows server with AD and configured simulator. on AD machine installed oncommand system manager and facing getting error 500 when i am trying to login.


Re: Ontap 7-mode simulater lab setup


Hi there!


The off-box OnCommand System Manager is no longer supported. We would encourage people to learn and simulate with the new ONTAP 9 environment, with built in, web based system manager.


If you're getting a 500 server error when launching it, it is probably an issue with Java Runtime Environment, potentially due to an incompatibility. There are logs in the install directory - bootlog.log I believe.


This document may have more troubleshooting information - https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1032155/~/how-to-troubleshoot-issues-with-oncommand-system-manager-3.x-



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