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7-Mode Volume to cDOT qTree SnapMirror

Hello guys,


we want to mirror many volumes from a old 7-Mode system (8.2) to cDOT (9.4). Because of the Metrocluster Volumes limits (per aggregate) we cannot just create normal volumes on the destination cluster.


Is it possible to mirror a normal volume into a qtree on the cDOT system?


Thanks for your ideas!



Re: 7-Mode Volume to cDOT qTree SnapMirror



On the source system you can mirror all the trees to one large volume on the same / other 7-mode system, and mirror this entire volume to the Cdot.

i did that a few times in out 7-mode to cdot migration and it works alright, you just need to have a single cut-off time for them. but for the initial sync it will not have a problem with the cascade....



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