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multistore nfs management ...using snapmirror migrate to copy/migrate volumes part of NFS vfiler


Read 8 KB article discussing using ONTAP 8.2 7mode "snapmirror migrate" to relocate volumes to new aggregate on same controller ,  whilst preserving NFS handles.


Article pointed out that NFS services would be stopped on physical controller as part of  this.


Anyone tried this in context of vfiler NFS ,  ie where no NFS services configured on vfiler0


Presumably snapmirror migrate is aware that a volume might belong to a vfiler and would attempt to stop/restart services on that vfiler....context here is that NFS (and for that matter CIFS too) are only configured on  vfilers not physical controllers.


Haven't yet found  any discussion of anyone using the snap. migrate to move multistore objects.

Anyone done this ?





The filer will warn you when you do the migrate that you have to shutdown all the sessions on the cut off phase. theres no way around it.


i don't know what's it's referring to with regard to shut down the NFS service, for my understanding you only need to remove the export with the exportfs command and re-create it after. no need to shut down a service on any Vfiler



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