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Ontap 9.3 Nblade.nfsV4PoolExhaust File-ID Reverse Search


Hi all,


we had a big outtage on the weekend,

an application farm took down the NFS Service on a shared Metrocluster for 3rd party customers.


EMS Message:
Error message observed : 3/2/2019 18:39:06 <Cluster> EMERGENCY Nblade.nfsV4PoolExhaust: NFS Store Pool for OpenState exhausted.
Output of nfsv4_diag:

<Cluster>::*> statistics show -object nfsv4_diag -counter *storePool_* -raw
Object: nfsv4_diag
Instance: nfs4_diag
Start-time: 3/2/2019 19:28:27
End-time: 3/2/2019 19:28:27
Scope: <Clusternode-01>
    Counter                                                     Value
    -------------------------------- --------------------------------
    storePool_ByteLockAlloc                                       885
    storePool_ByteLockMax                                      512010
    storePool_ClientAlloc                                          51
    storePool_ClientMax                                        102401
    storePool_CopyStateAlloc                                        0
    storePool_CopyStateMax                                      10250
    storePool_DelegAlloc                                            0
    storePool_DelegMax                                         512010
    storePool_DelegStateAlloc                                       0
    storePool_DelegStateMax                                    512001
    storePool_LayoutAlloc                                           0
    storePool_LayoutMax                                        512010
    storePool_LayoutStateAlloc                                      0
    storePool_LayoutStateMax                                   512001
    storePool_LockStateAlloc                                      885
    storePool_LockStateMax                                     512008
    storePool_OpenAlloc                                        512001
    storePool_OpenMax                                          512010
    storePool_OpenStateAlloc                                   512001
    storePool_OpenStateMax                                     512001
Output of lock.txt from command:
vserver locks nfsv4 show -inst
showed me the causer who filled up the   storePool_OpenAlloc and storePool_OpenStateAlloc , for example:
Vserver: <poor_SVM>
Logical Interface: <LIF_name>
State ID: 00000001-0018ff8b5b004d1d00300000
Lock UUID: 664c7c33-66cf-4667-ab2b-968aaed86740
Client ID: 0x8bff18000000000f
Client Verifier: 0x5c3abd71172bc43b
Client Name: Linux NFSv4.1 <Application Servier>
Lease Remaining: 26
Lease State: active
Lease Count: 507848
Bad Client Count: 0
Owner Name: 6f70656e2069643a000000270000000000000057804820010000000000000000000000
Owner Type: open
Owner Mode: normal
Last Owner Sequence: 0xc96d82a
Lock Type: share-level
Shared Lock Mode: 0x40006
Bytelock Starting offset: -
Number Of Bytes Locked: -
Bytelock Is Exclusive: -
Volume MSID Major: 8000042c
Volume MSID Minor: 0
File ID: d4de65
Generation ID: 3d97186e
State Is Revoked: false
Delegation Type: -
Delegation Mode: -
Subsumed Open Count: -
Reclaim Count: 0
My question is, I can use the volume file show-filehandle if I have the past, the application developer need the reverese way,
I have the file-ID and need the path inc. file name,
could please anyone assist?
cluster1::> volume file show-filehandle -vserver vs0 -path /vol/vol1/file1.txt
             Vserver                    Path
             ----------------------     ---------------------------
             vs0                         /vol/vol1/file1.txt

             flags   snapid  fileid     generation  fsid        msid          dsid
             ------- ------  ---------  ----------  ----------  ------------  ------------
             0x0     0       0x60       0x206b6     0x402       0x80000402    0x402
Thanks in advance,

Re: Ontap 9.3 Nblade.nfsV4PoolExhaust File-ID Reverse Search


Hi all,


solved it with a third party software which we use for indexing our file service, so the paths are available,





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