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Ontap Select - How to discover new added interface/VLAN


Hello Gurus,


I'm quite new to Ontap Select.


On our new Ontap Select cluster we need an additional network port in a certain VLAN, since we want to serve data in several different networks/VLANs. The network is presented to the VMWare farm on the networking layer and our colleague from the VMWare team has added this network in VMWare to the Ontap Select Nodes.


But, unfortunately, it does not show up in the port list even after waiting for a while (net port show).


I did not find any hint in the documentation how to scan for new network interfaces. Does anybody have any idea how to do this and to have the new interface in the net port show output without rebooting the node?


My colleague had already added another network to VMWare a few days ago. However, there was an involuntary crash (since he had added the "wrong" type of VMWare interface), but after correcting that the nodes booted and at some point a new interface was also visible on the OTS CLI.


Of course, we would like to be able to add a new interface/network/VLAN now and in the future without rebooting.


Any hints?


Thank you + best regards