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Ontap Simulator 9.9.1 Not Working




I do not seem to be able to get the simulator working for 9.9.1. Every other simulator has worked fine.

I have tried increasing the memory however no luck.


I get the following message "Illegal Intruction, Unexpected Mlog termination"


I will attach the message. if anyone has any ideas please share





hmm..., Do you have any Simulators running on your workstation at the moment? Could you stop all of them, reboot your box. Download a new package of 991. Try again. In general this error 'Illegal Intruction' means CPU was trying to execute instruction which does not understand.


Just out of curiosity I downloaded and installed 991 Simulator and it worked. That error is pointing towards CPU related error.


Which VMware application are you using to run this Simulator ? Is VT feature enabled ? By default, VT is disabled on an Intel-based system.


This info is covered in the following guide: (Hardware requirements)


There is a thread here on the similar error, but for a different flavor of Ontap, but take a look anyway.

Hello, yes VT is enabled. I am pretty sure it is a dual core. Every simulator has worked fine before including 9.8


HP Z600 5600 Series Workstation.

I am using Vmware workstation, the latest version

What kind of CPU does the ESX host have? I'm kinda wondering if there aren't CPU requirement changes in the VM versions (CVO/Select/vSIM) of ONTAP for 9.9.

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