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Ontap select evaluation license issue

I managed to get evaluation template DataONTAPv-esx-standalone.ova for single node cluster and i was able to bypass the ontap deploy as i had to deploy ontap select on nfs datastore, during the initial setup it asks for the base key and i just pressed enter key.


It installs perfectly but when i create SVM all the protocol services are disabled and i believe that this is a license issue, somebody tell me what should be used for the base key during the initial setup.


Reason why i bypassed ontap deploy utility is that they dont support only vmfs formats.


Re: Ontap select evaluation license issue

I'm not an expert, but the PDF " ONTAP Select 9 Release Notes page 6 states:

When deploying the nodes and cluster, you should use the ONTAP Select Deploy

administration utility as follows:

Do not supply a serial number for the node as part of configuring the host

Create the cluster with the evaluation flag set (--eval)


did you try that yet?

Re: Ontap select evaluation license issue

I took the ovf template to bypass the deploy utility so i dont have to worry about the ontap deploy, i thought all the licenses will be installed by default but no luck.

Re: Ontap select evaluation license issue

i figured out that the issue is with the ovf template, downloaded the evaluation ovf again and configured it works perfectly.

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