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Ops Manager reports in "Backup" application


Ops Manager 4.0.1 with Protection Manager.

I would like to run a report on command line to output a list of OSSV primary hosts and paths. I thought this would be easy since you can get the same report from the web interface and you can even schedule it to run and email you the results.

However, I cannot find a command that will run the report and display the results. I'm either looking in the wrong place or doing something else wrong.

I can list the available reports, thus (my emphasis):

# dfm report list -A backup
Report                                   Report Type  Report Application 
---------------------------------------- ------------ --------------------
summary:summary                          built_in     Backup             
summary:summary-completed                built_in     Backup             
summary:summary-inprogress               built_in     Backup             
summary:summary-failed                   built_in     Backup             
summary:summary-no-status                built_in     Backup             
backup:backups-by-primary                built_in     Backup             
backup:backups-by-secondary              built_in     Backup             
restore:primary-dirs                     built_in     Backup             
primary-directories:primary-dirs         built_in     Backup             
pridir-nb:primary-dirs-discovered        built_in     Backup             
pridir-qtrees-nb:primary-dirs-qtrees-discovered built_in     Backup             
secondary-volumes:secondary-volumes      built_in     Backup             
ndmp-ping:unavailable-agents             built_in     Backup             
ndmp-unauth:unauthenticated-systems      built_in     Backup             
primary-hosts:primary-hosts              built_in     Backup             
primary-hosts:primary-hosts-storage-systems built_in     Backup             
primary-hosts:primary-hosts-open-system  built_in     Backup             
secondary-hosts:secondary-hosts          built_in     Backup             
schedules                                built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-1d                             built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-7d                             built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-30d                            built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs                                built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-completed                      built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-running                        built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-failed                         built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-aborting                       built_in     Backup             
jobs:jobs-aborted                        built_in     Backup             
events:events                            built_in     Backup             
events:events-warning                    built_in     Backup             
events:events-error                      built_in     Backup             
events:events-unack                      built_in     Backup             


# dfm report view primary-hosts:primary-hosts-open-system

There is no primary-hosts:primary-hosts-open-system report.

# dfm report view -A backup primary-hosts:primary-hosts-open-system
There is no primary-hosts:primary-hosts-open-system report.

I could use a combination of "dfm report schedule run" and "dfm report output list" and "dfm report output view" but that seems like a lot of work for something that should be easy.





Re: Ops Manager reports in "Backup" application


Use the dfbm cli, as below.And run the report as shown.

[root@lnx~]# dfbm report
Available reports are
  backups-by-primary        backup relationships keyed by primary directory
  backups-by-secondary      backup relationships keyed by secondary volume
  events                    all current backup events
  events-error              current backup error or worse events
  events-unack              unacknowledged events
  events-warning            current backup warning or worse events
  jobs                      all backup jobs
  jobs-1d                   backup jobs started today
  jobs-30d                  backup jobs started this month
  jobs-7d                   backup jobs started this week
  jobs-aborted              aborted backup jobs
  jobs-aborting             backup jobs being aborted
  jobs-completed            completed backup jobs
  jobs-failed               failed backup jobs
  jobs-running              Displays a list of all in progress backup jobs.
  primary-dirs              all backup primary directories
  primary-dirs-discovered   all backup primary directories discovered
  primary-dirs-qtrees-discovered Displays a list of all unprotected qtrees.
  primary-hosts             all primary storage systems
  primary-hosts-filers      Primary storage systems running Data ONTAP
  primary-hosts-open-system OSSV primary storage systems
  schedules                 all backup schedules
  secondary-hosts           all secondary storage systems
  secondary-volumes         all backup secondary volumes
  summary-completed         all completed backups
  summary-failed            all failed backup jobs
  summary-inprogress        all in progress backup jobs
  summary-no-status         backups with no status
  unauthenticated-systems   storage systems with no NDMP credentials
  unavailable-agents        storage systems with NDMP unavailable

[root@lnx ~]# dfbm report primary-hosts-open-system
There are no backup primary storage systems.
[root@lnx ~]#



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Re: Ops Manager reports in "Backup" application


Thanks! I knew about the "dfm" and "dfpm" but not the "dfbm" commands. I'm not too pleased that the report is in list form rather than tabulated but I can work with that.



Re: Ops Manager reports in "Backup" application


Most of the cli in Ops-Mgr, like

dfm--data fabric manager

dfpm--datafabric prot/prov manager

dfbm-- datafabric backup manager

dfdrm--datafabric disaster recovery manager

Use the below cli to get it in table form.

dfbm report -F text primary-hosts-open-system

some most of these output formats.

       The list and report commands generate output in one of several formats based on the -F option:

           For display on a terminal screen in a tabulated format.  For example,

             Primary Directory        Secondary Volume     Lag      Status
             ------------------------ -------------------- -------- ------
             filer1:/vol1/qt3         bigdog:/vol1         1.2 h    Idle
             vfiler1:/vol1/qt4        bigdog:/vol1         10 h     Idle

           If -q is specified, the column headings are omitted.

           For display on a terminal screen in a paragraph style.  For example,

             Secondary Volume:   bigdog:/vol1
             Schedule:           4 times a day
             Retention:          Legal data
             Primary Directory:  filer1:/vol1/qt3
             Primary Directory:  filer2:/vol1/qt4
             Primary Directory:  filer4:/vol1/qt2
             Primary Directory:  vfiler1:/vol1/qt6

             Secondary Volume:   bigdog:/backups
             Schedule:           6 times a day
             Retention:          Sensitive data
             Primary Directory:  filer2:/vol2/qt3

           For display in a web page.

           For processing with a perl script.

       xml For processing with XML-capatable software.

       xls For viewing in a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel.



Re: Ops Manager reports in "Backup" application




I am not getting tabler form. How to make the report in tabler form.



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