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Options reset after 8.1 => 8.2 and head swap (FAS2240 => FAS8020)

Recently I did head swap from FAS2240 to FAS8020. Initial DOT was 8.1 so I first updated DOT to 8.2 and then did headswap. All disks from FAS2240 shelf were relocated to external DS2246, so 8020 got exactly the same disks as 2240.

Today while looking for another customer system I noticed that no ASUP were present from new heads. I checked FAS8020 confugration and found that trasnsport was HTTPS while it was SMTP before. Then I found that both date and timezone were wrong; and to round it off, NTP servers disappeared.

Anyone has seen it before? I'm not exactly sure when it happened to be honest, but ASUP from FAS2240 are still present and stop at correct point in time. So I assume it has something to do with either update or head swap ...

Not everything was lost. E.g. SP configuration remained. Obviously everything that is based on configuration files remained as well. It really looks like only options were reset to default.


Re: Options reset after 8.1 => 8.2 and head swap (FAS2240 => FAS8020)

Hi Andrey,

the symptoms remind me of TSB-1102-03, maybe it's the same cause.  Can you check whether the LOADER environment variable bootarg.init.wipeclean is set to true?  If yes, unset it (or even better use set-defaults) and set your options again. They should persist thereafter.

Edit: see also this thread in the partner community.

Re: Options reset after 8.1 => 8.2 and head swap (FAS2240 => FAS8020)

Apparently not.

%kenv | grep wipe


%kenv | grep bootarg.init










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