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Performance based on Aggregate configuration - variable RAID set sizes within same aggregate


I am familiar with the Ontap 7.x versions, but we now have a newer 8.0 filer (cdot).   I want to know if there can be performance issues if you do not have equally sized RAID sets within your Aggregate, just as in the older 7 versions.   Example,  if you have an aggregate with the "Max RAID Size" set to 14, but you have 17 disks allocated to the Aggregate.  Does this cause an issue due to it creating a first RAID set of 14, and a second RAID set of 3?  Are the writes striped evenly across both RAID sets, with the second small RAID set slowing the overall performance of the Aggregate?   Thanks for any input!


WAFL layeris almost same with 7-mode. Pottential bottleneck of small RAID group also exists in cDOT. Take care of RAID group configuration, and specify RAID group and number of disks when creating aggegate or adding disks if needed.


dear All,


              i am use 7-mode but now i want use cdot. we configure cdot and make a svm and use two cluster nodes but i am not open share using cluster ip.



Govind Sharma


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