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Disk qualification Package

Hi All,


I have Fas2240 witn NetApp Release 8.1.1 7-Mode.


Unfortunately I do not see any disk qualification files in /etc folder.


Do you know how this work without quali package files?

Do you know if i can upload a newest qualy package without any issues?





Re: Disk qualification Package

You are safe to drop the files in /etc without issue

Re: Disk qualification Package

Disk model information is hard-coded in Data ONTAP. If your disks are qualified by this hard-coded information, you can use disks without any problem.
However, if your disks are not qualified by hard-coded database and disk qualification package, disks are not recognized correctly like below:
* wrong disk model name
* wrong RPM
* wrong capacity

As far As I know, updating DQP has no issue.
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