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seeking CDOT commands to list what clients matching a volume?


If I wanted to find out what clients that a volume has been exported to, what commands can do that?





You can find out the export policy that the volume is using and see the servers in that export policy.


volume show -volume <name> -fields policy

vserver export-policy rule show -vserver <name> -policyname <name>


Thanks a lot!


1. Are there any commands on the storage to show me what hosts are mounting?

2. Any commands to show me what rule a volume is associating with? or what volume is exporting to what client?


Anybody please comment on last two questions?


You can look at active connections (network connections active show) but it doesn't specifically say which volume they are connected to. You can view the export policy associated with a volume and check that export policy for the clients. But you would need to connect to the client itself to confirm if they have the volume mounted. See above for the commands.

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