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Potential Reversion to 9.2P4 from 9.3P19 With Bug 1250500




At my current environment we are planning on upgrading from ONTAP Version 9.1P2 to 9.3P19. That is all fine and dandy, but if we had to revert for whatever reason we would have to go to 9.2P4. I know there is a bug with certificates if upgrading, link below. My question is, would we even be able to revert given we wouldn't even be able to upgrade to the version? Does a reversion check and stop if the certificates aren't valid? For context we are running 1 HA pair of FAS2552 devices.







That's fixed in 9.3P14 and above so you won't hit this. Reversion isn't necessary. If you get stuck, open a P1 ticket with us and we have a workaround we can fix it manually with and it will get you going.




Hi lmartin,


I also want to mention that you can get on Active IQ and run a upgrade advisor plan for your cluster.  When you run the upgrade advisor you can select to include a revert steps if you have concerns about reverting during the upgrade. 


As Paul mention in the previous post if you run into issues during the upgrade to 9.3P19, please call or open a case with NetApp support.  We will then be able to assist you with completing the upgrade.



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