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Disk Sanitization


For failed disks that still can be unfailed we use disk sanitization for wiping out any data before we return the disk to NetApp. To use disk sanitization we had to activate the option "licensed_feature.disk_sanitization.enable". After activation, this option can't be deactivated anymore. This is clearly documented in the command reference of the option.

In contrast to this the documentation of the sanitazation is very vague in regard to the consequences: "Attention: After disk sanitization is enabled on a storage system, it is permanent, and it prevents certain Data ONTAP commands from being run." (Storage Management Guide) We had to painfully learn that one of the commands that is prevented from being run is the vol move command. Before activating the option we used vol move without problems. Afterwards it threw an error message saying that vol move requires a Snapmirror license now.

In a case opened for this it was pointed out that this was for security reasons. Since we do not use Snapmirror we didn't have a licence and had to procure it. After adding the license vol move worked fine again. This occured with 7-Mode ONTAP 8.1.3 and I requested a documentation update on this. But it hasn't been incorporated in 8.3.1 yet.

Are there any experiences on what doesn't work in conesquence of activating the disk sanitization option?





Could find the following link which gives some of the options that wont work with disk sanitization. 






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The link fails.