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Problem configuring network interface




hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I'm having trouble getting my network interface working on my FAS2040, its a unit that has been powered down for some time, possibly wiped and I'm trying to resurrect it.


Firstly, is there a step by step guide to setting up the network interfaces? I found some reference guides here




but that wasn't enough to get me going, and also the Ontap syntax was incorrect. I'm not sure what Ontap version I have.


I have the serial console working and can send and receive commands. I have interface e0a on one of the controllers connected to a switch, my laptop is also connected to that switch via ethernet and my laptop IP is


I'm sending ifconfig commands and have managed to set the IP address of e0a to, mask, gw 


but when I ping (from the console) there is no response. Also, netapp system manager discovery tool does not find the unit, and I cannot ping it directly either.


this is the output from the console 


LOADER-A> ifconfig
Device e0a:
    hwaddr 00-A0-98-25-78-15, ipaddr, mask
    gateway, nameserver not set
    speed 100 full duplex, loopback not supported
LOADER-A> ping e0a
Could not resolve IP address of host e0a: No name server configured
*** command status = -24
LOADER-A> ping ( is not responding (seq=0) ( 1 packets sent, 0 received
*** command status = 1


What am I missing?






Re: Problem configuring network interface


Hi there! If you're seeing a "LOADER" prompt - it means ONTAP isn't running yet! The boot loader environment has limited networking support, to enable netboot software installation.


Type "boot_ontap" to start it up, and then the commands you're seeing will work better 😉


Before you do that, type "printenv", and have a look at the AUTOBOOT variable. If it is false, type "setenv AUTOBOOT true" and then type boot_ontap to start it up. 


If you don't have the password, press control-c when it prompts you to enter the boot menu, and choose the option to reset the password. If you wipe the filer, you will need to reapply licenses, which you may no longer have, so that may not be the option you want. 


Good luck!

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Re: Problem configuring network interface


That did the trick thanks 🙂


It tells me my oncommand version is too new because my ontap version is too old, but I should be able to sort that out, at least it can be discovered now



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