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Problem with permissions on CIFS share to Windows and Linux





   I have a NetApp Storage in Cluster with Ontap 8.3.


   I'm having permissioning issues on some folders of a mixed volume.

   When accessed via NFS on a Linux, the system denies permission to access multiple directories.

   When accessed via CIFS by Windows, the system denies permission to access these same directories to users who have read and write permission.

   But if I access with a domain admin user, it allows access.

   I tried to look in the documentation for some command that I could execute by ssh shell, but I did not find any commands to rebuild the permissions on this volume.


   What can I do to solve it? Anyone have an idea?


Thank you for any help.


Andson Gomes




First, do not use "mixed" security style. Ever. It only leads to problems. Use the permission style of the majority of users/accesses. When in doubt, use NTFS. But not mixed.


Second, you need something called "user name mapping" configured on your cDOT system, where you map UNIX users to Windows users. This is a required step. You can read about it in the NFS File Access Reference Guide (here) and in the CIFS File Access Reference Guide (here). Note that it might be a bit much to take in if you're completely new to ONTAP.... Your partner that sold you the system should be able to help you with the implementation




Do we need to do user name mapping when we use mixed security style volume ?