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Volume resize


Hi all,

I am trying to resize the volume (ESXi datastore) on the new Netapp cluster but when I try to increase the capacity of the volume and save it says "updated successfully" but in the end the capacity of the volume is not getting updated. can you please suggest


I have also tried to resize the volume on command line but its not working.


I look forward to your reply








Are you using NFS or iscsi/fc?  

Are you just doing it from the NetApp or using the VSC plugin? 


I am using NFS.  I tried to do it on the Netapp Cluster GUI. we are using Series ALL FLASH model A series i.e AFF. I don't know why resizing volume or increasing capacity does not work



error when using command line

This operation is not supported for the system volume


And you're sure you're growing a normal flexvol not something else?  



I just checked the style of the volume and it showed me volume style as "flex" also When i tried via command line


Netapp::> vol size -vserver vservername -volume volname  +100g

Error: command failed: This operation is not supported for the system volume


Any errors either in ONTAP or VMware?   


Typically with NFS though, you just grow the volume out and it'll eventually see the added space,  no need to grow it like a lun. 


Somehow volume resize worked, can you please suggest how to increase nfs datastore volume on esxi i have increased the size for the same volume on netapp


With NFS,  the host side should eventually see the added space.  



It seems like the added space doesnot reflect correctly, First I have increased 100gb then with "vol show volname" command i was able to see the increase in size.


Again i have increased 100gb but it seems it didnot increase 😞 


not sure whats wrong ?


What's the total space left on the aggr? 
And have you tried a rescan to get it to go along quicker. 


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