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Problems accessing SVM's with VSC


We have a few weeks ago a FAS8040 (8.3 P2). In this we now have a SVM defined for our VMware environment. Now we have given our VMWare admins the permissions on the SVM-level, so that these by using the VMware Plugin (VSC 6) can get access to the SVM.

The user has been given a role with the appropriate privileges, as we have also awarded in 7-Mode. When our VMWare admin  now wants to access with VMware Plugin on the user in the SVM, he gets the message: 'IP adresse xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx connects directly to a cluster SVM. Full functionality is available only when the IP address connects to a cluster management LIF.

Do you want to continue with the SVM connection ?'

The IP address that he uses, is the address of the SVM. Or must he specify a different IP address? If yes, which? Possibly of the LIF, which is assigned to the SVM? However, the LIFs have only WWPN's.


Re: Problems accessing SVM's with VSC


Sanadmin -


VSC needs to use a mgt LIF on the SVM, not the mgt LIF od the cluster.


The err message seems to indicate that VSC is trying to use the cluster mgt LIF ...

I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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Re: Problems accessing SVM's with VSC


Hello Eugene,


thanks for the answer.


We have created an LIF, this is associated with the SVM. The IP address of this SVM, we have given our VMWare administrators. The LIF has the setting "Enable Management Access" enabled in the section "Management Access". Do we have to adjust or even more?



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Re: Problems accessing SVM's with VSC


I have the solution: I must add an user on the Management-LIF. So, the VMware-Admins can use this user for the VSC Plugin.

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