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Process for upgrading to Data Ontap 8.2.4



We have a 7 mode deployment that we're looking to upgrade to 8.2.4, but no one at our organization has upgraded a Netapp OS before.


Can anyone tell me if the following steps are accurate for upgrading a 8.1.2 deployment to 8.2.4?




We're looking to keep all our storage online during the upgrade process, since the business rarely has good downtime windows.




Re: Process for upgrading to Data Ontap 8.2.4



Please refer the upgrade guide: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1368708/html/index.html

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Re: Process for upgrading to Data Ontap 8.2.4

A good place to start is your autosupport portal if you have the access.


Generate an upgrade plan through the Upgrade Advisor. It will give you detailed instructions to follow to perform the upgrade on your own as well as something to compare to that article you referenced.


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