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Promote new volume for SVM root. Non-disruptive?


I'm in the process of replacing an existing 4-node cluster with 4 new nodes and disks. The SVM root volume load-sharing, for some reason, shows the actual mounted volume for root as one of the destination volumes, not the source. So I have root, root_m2, root_m3, root_m4. root is the source/primary, but looking at the namespace, root_m4 is the volume actually mounted. Rather than mess with all that, I figured I could just create a brand new root_vol and promote it, then re-setup the load-sharing mirrors after the old hardware is pulled out of the cluster. So my question is, is the promotion of a new SVM root volume disruptive at all? Can I do this any time or should I do it after hours or schedule true downtime?


Running 9.1P11 with a FAS6250, FAS3220 and FAS9000 with an AFF-300A waiting to join once I remove the 6250 and 3220. Thanks in advance!