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Proper subnet for Intercluster LIFs




I have a 6-node cluster but with multiple subnets used in the cluster.


cluster  & node management & some SVMs are on subnet A

other SVMs are on subnet B


I have created intercluster LIFs on each node with IP in subnet B and they all on their own physical ports so no sharing with other LIFs for the ports. However, I can only ping IPs on the same subnet B. Pinging any IP outside the subnet B timed out. It does not have static routes specified. It makes me wonder: Are intercluster LIFs always using the same subnet/gateway as the cluster management? If this is the case, it makes sense since cluster management is on subnet A. If so, does it mean I have to assign subnet A IPs on all intercluster LIFs to make it reach outside the subnet?





Re: Proper subnet for Intercluster LIFs


From the ONTAP 9 Network Management Guide (https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2492610) Page 9, we give specific advice that the Intercluster and various Management LIFs should be on different subnets to each other. I would suggest to use Subnet B, or another subnet



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