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Protection Manager shows lag-error but snapvault is ok


Dear all

I found a strange issue in Protection Manager:

one of the Datasets shows a lag-error, but

- wether in Operations Manager nor Protection Manager the corresponding event can be found, everything is aknowledged or deleted

- SnapVault shows lag according the backup schedule

- snapvault status -l shows that the last transfer was successfull

==> there is definitely no problem, but the error remains displayed. Even after restarting the service and restarting the whole DFM server the status of this dataset does not change to green.

Any idea how to get rid of this false status? Maybe some magical manipulation directly in Sybase?





Check your lag thresholds for the protection policy you are using.  They may be too tight.

Edit your protection policy, and under Nodes and Connections there are lag thresholds for "Primary data" and "Primay data to Backup."




Hi Chris

Thresholds are set

- warning: 2d

- error: 3d

to avoid errors during the weekend, when the jobs are not running.

And even if there will a threshold fire an event, this event should be visible in the notifications....but there is nothing (no event, no error, no warning, wether in the views of PM nor DFM).




Hi, did you got it solved?

I experience same issue.

Multiple Qtree Snapvaults from vFiler4 in primary System to vFiler4 in secondary system show lag time of 20d, but actual lag is 30 min to 4hours.


Just to document my workaround, found out on my system that it had to to with where are the snapvaults registered, in vfiler0 or vfiler4.


DFM was looking in secondary vfiler0 and DFM seems to do not be able to handle snapvaults handled in vfiler.

My workaround was:

- move snavault into primary and secondary vfiler0

- add relation into dfm using dfbm primary dir add ....

- afterward move snapvault into primary vfiler4 (which was required by Snapmanager for Sharepoint 8.1) using command on sec filer: snapvault -r -S prim_vfiler4:/vol.....  sec_vfiler0:/vol....


Hope to help the world better understand DFM/PM 🙂



Can you post your question to the Storage Management area as well...


I think more of the Protection Manager folks monitor that area and should be able to give you additional feedback.  A screenshot might be helpful for them as well.





I do not know the answer but I do know the man to ask.  I have emailed him this thread but think he is out of the office until mid next week.  Hopefully, someone else can answer in the mean time.


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