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Online aggr move with snapmover




I have a client with FAS 3240 systems (two chasis) and FlashCache on both. One controler show  90% CPU utilisation while other is 10-15%.

First controler has two aggregates, one containing 1TB SATA disks (90% disk util) , other with 300 GB SAS (20% disk util.).

Second controler has only one aggr with 300GB SAS (10% disk util.).


All data on all aggregates is in production. All aggregates are nearly 80% full. 


My question is. Can I move one aggregate (sas) from Frist controler to Second controler, without destroing raid groups, in fact I would move whole aggregate if possible.

I have foun snapmover software, but very little documentation about it. As I understood it could reassign aggregates to different V-series controler. Can it be done with regular, not V-series, controlers.

However client has

snapmover license. Also snapmirror, snapmirror_sync, flex_clone ....


Can somene give me some help, is it possible to reassign disks or move aggreagate to another controler without destroing data.


Softvare ver. is Release 8.1.4P4 7-Mode: Sat Jun 28 01:52:51 PDT 2014

Controlers are in HA mode


Any help would be appreciated.


Best regards



Re: Online aggr move with snapmover

You can move the whole aggr including the disks to the other controller.

Bear in mind that depending on how the disks are cabled this could break disk auto assign.

Also any cifs shares have to be recreated


Nick (vcap) (nada)
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