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ONTAP Discussions

ProtectionManager AND vFILER DR


Hello Experts..

I am setting up vFiler hosting volumes with CIFS  Shares, with the DR setup.

The DR related tasks have been accomplished with the testing of Failover/failback through command line,  however I wanted to test the capabilities of Protection Manager and wanting to perform the same tasks using protection manager GUI.

If I categorized correctly. then the vFiler setup and DR configuration requires following tasks to be complete. Can some one provide the tasks list which are do able using protection manager. Feel free to share your experiences.

COMMAND LINE SupportProtection Manager Support
Create vFiler and associate storage elementsYESNo (Use Provision Manager)
Create SnapMirror relation YESNo
Create DRYESNo
Import Snapmirror relations of vFiler storage elementsNot Available Support for vFiler0 (Don't know how to import SM Relations from non default vfilers)
Failover vFiler from primary to DRYES? (Cant import the SM relations so this option is not visible)
Re-sync back to Primary YES? (Cant import the SM relations so this option is not visible)
Failback to PrimaryYes? (Cant import the SM relations so this option is not visible)
Reestablish the vfiler DRYESSimilar to create vfiler again.

Appreciate for the quick response.





     Protection Manager does not support or understand native  vFiler DR using vfiler Interface which you are trying to do.

But we do have a NetApp Management Console (NMC) plugin which allows you to Create, Update and perform fail-over and fail back of vFiler DR using its own interface via ONTAP API. The link to the same is available below.

It allows to do the following.

The VFiler DR plugin is a NMC plugin for DFM4.X or OnCommand X.X that provides a consistent graphical user interface for the management of VFilers. The plugin will use Filer APIs, and thus will provide the DR features as provided by the ONTAP Filers.

  1. VFiler View - Shows the current state of all VFilers in the system, as well as network, storage and service data for the currently selected VFiler.
  2. VFiler Create - Allows the creation of Primary VFilers, including the creation of root volumes.
  3. VFiler Edit - Allows the editing of VFiler properties, including security and network settings as well as adding volumes and qtrees.
  4. VFiler Protect - Allows the creation of DR VFilers.
  5. VFiler Start - Allows starting of Primary VFilers.
  6. VFiler Stop - Allows stopping of Primary VFilers.
  7. VFiler Activate - Activates DR VFiler into a Primary VFiler.
  8. VFiler Resync - Sync changes from an active VFiler to its backup VFiler.
  9. VFiler Delete - Allows the deletion of either Primary or DR VFilers.

Minimum Required version is DFM 4.0 or later and ONTAP 7.3.5 or later.

Also here is a kb which describes how OCUM handles relationships when vFilers are endpoints.





I followed the link and am getting a restricted error. Is the tool still available? Is it supported?




Hi Adai,

Appreciating your help. I shall test it out soon.



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