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QTree Snapmirror: Cannot connect to source filer


I am attempting a qtree snapmirror to a distant location. We have gotten through the networking portion of the connection (long haul path, firewall, ACLs) however we are still unable to get a successful snapmirror. We receive the following error:


Transfer aborted: Cannot connect to source filer.


When I perform a snapmirror status after this it shows the relationship however the status is "Uninitialized" and the state is "Idle".


We are not creating a qtree on the destination as it is supposed to generate it during the snapmirror. Although it says the snapmirror is erroring out, when I look in our qtree inventory I see that it is creating the qtree.


Here is the syntax for the initialize command performed from our vfiler.


snapmirror intialize -S <Source IP>:/vol/source_vol/source_qtree <Dest vfiler name>:/vol/dest_vol/dest_qtree


After running this command I can see the qtree was created through the GUI, and it shows the status as "snapmirrored"


However during the initialize it errors out and the snapmirror status shows state uninitialized and status as idle. We have confirmed options.snapmirror setting and the source has a snapmirror.allow file with our information. We have also confirmed the /etc/hosts files have the source/destination information in them.


My biggest question is if we cannot connect to the source filer, how/why is the qtree being created at the destination?


Any help with why this is not completing would be appreciated. Thanks.