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Qos on network






I have data LIFs on 10GbE connections. In the meantime, we need to use the 10GbE for NDMP backups as well. I am concerned about NDMP backups traffic can saturate the 10GbE connections and cause service interruptions on the data traffic. I look into network management guide, it mentions about "QoS marking" can be set to prioritize *outgoing* traffic per IP Space. My questions are:


- Unfortunately, there is only one IPspace "Default" in the configuration.It looks like if I change the value DSCP values, it will affect all?

- It seems to me smaller value means higher priority? I don't see it mentioned in the guide.

- Currently all protocols have it disabled. What happens if I enable only NDMP with lower priority such as 50? Is it sufficient to ensure it won't impact CIFS/NFS/iSCSI traffic?

                    CIFS                 10  false
                    FTP                  48  false
                    HTTP-admin           48  false
                    HTTP-filesrv         10  false
                    NDMP                 10  false
                    NFS                  10  false
                    SNMP                 48  false
                    SSH                  48  false
                    SnapMirror           10  false
                    Telnet               48  false
                    iSCSI                10  false





Re: Qos on network

With ONTAP9 you can apply QoS in IOPS & BW at the same time for the same volume. So set BW QoS limit for the volume / SVM to ensure the NDMP operation doesn't consume all your bandwith.


I think would be easier than start playing with network priorization



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