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Qtree-level mounts in CDOT




OnTAP 8.2

FAS8040 2-node cluster


I have a strange problem. My cDOT filer has a SVM containing two volumes and both have qtrees. Both volumes use the same export policy. From the same Linux host, I can mount with sec=krb5 to one volume's qtrees but not the other volume's qtrees. Both cases use the identical command and options except the qtree to mount to.


When mount fails, it says:


mount: filer:/vol/volume/qtree failed, security flavor not supported


Wireshark shows that when it fails, the filer only returns one flavor: AUTH_UNIX. For the successful volume/qtree, the filer teturns KERBEROS and AUTH_UNIX. Is this possible?

Please advise. Thank you.

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