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Determine rate of transfer for Snapmirror


I have a question in determining the transfer rate for my snapmirrors over my IPSEC VPN that traverses an internet connection. I don't know how to calculate it while it is transferring. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a FAS2240-2 while running 8.1.1 in 7-mode. I am attempting to snapmirror 8 volumes over this IPSEC vpn and it does transfer but currently I am running 3 days behind which obviously is not acceptible. I have the snapmirrors staggered throughout the day so as to hopefully not overlap but it didn't matter. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Re: Determine rate of transfer for Snapmirror

I'd love to hear about how this question is answered. I need to know how we can determine the rate of a transfer for snapmirrors.

Re: Determine rate of transfer for Snapmirror



JKoelker -


Try using 'snapmirror status -l'.

You can see the duration and transfer size for the last transfer:

         Last Transfer Size:     1120000 KB
         Last Transfer Duration: 00:03:47

Do the math to divide the transfer size by the number of seconds in the duration.


You can also get this information from the snapmirror logs.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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