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Qtree "tag" or "Labels"


Hi Team,


Is it possible to "tag" or "label" a qtree? I tried looking up in Cdot 9.3p2, I could find anything to tag a qtree.


For example: I would like to create several qtrees based on the organizational departments... Accounts, IT, Management, HR etc etc... Later on i would like to see only those qtrees which belongs to HR department. Is there a way I can do that ?


Let me know of any alternatives too, if anyone of you is aware of... Thanks in advance.






Hi Arsalan,


There is no "default" option to assign any metadata to a qtree in ONTAP (EG comment field). It would be possible to achieve using WFA however it would require a custom datasource to store your organizational information, this could be linked to one or more qtree's (depending on how you design the WFA datasource\dictionaries).


You would probably also want to automate the process of creating qtree's using WFA to ensure that qtree's are assigned to a department or cost centre in your organization (and you might want to set a tree quota on the qtree as part of the automated process assuming you might want a report of used capacity per qtree\department).


WFA is free but you would need to invest the time to develop a solution that meets your requirements.




Hope that gives you some ideas.



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