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Question Regarding Total Latency and Throughput of Disk


I want to monitor Disk Performance for NETAPP and I am using ONTAP API. I need the following performance metrics from ONTAP API:


1)Total Latency for Disk:

We can monitor Total latency using "Operation_latency" field for Cluster-Mode Disk Performance data, but How to calculate Total Latency for 7-Mode Disk Performance data? Can we calculate it by using read/write latency? If yes then can you please give me an idea how to calculate?


2) Read Throughput and Write Throughput for Disk Performance:

Same as above, we can monitor Throughput using fields (read_data_rate and write_data_rate) for Cluster-Mode but how to calculate it for 7-Mode disk performance data?

We have read_blocks_rate and write_blocks_rate but I have tried to calculate Throughput using both this field(by multiplying block size) but it is not matching with that data_rate.



are u saying, you have a cmode system but there're some 7mode disks in it? or other scenario, you want to use cmode api to check 7mode system? if i recalled right, 7mode and cmode are using different APIs. 

hopefully helps

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