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OnTap 9 and TSM Snapdiff - user permissions


we are planning to run a PoC in January using TSM v7.1.6 and OnTap9 using the TSM Snapdiff feature which we have not used before.


most of the information for setup I have found scattered across different forums. I wanted to ask if any is using cDOT 8.3.x or higher and TSM what do they do for permissions on the volumes. 


We would be using it for backing up CIFS volumes. I have seen the most of the setup in post http://community.netapp.com/t5/Data-ONTAP-Discussions/8-3-and-snapdiff-Backup-with-TSM/td-p/107176. The question I ask does the AD integrated tsm snapdiff user require any NTFS permissions on the volume to be backed up? there is nothing clear to say it does or does not. 


the TSM snapdiff user can perform the snapshots which would not require NTFS permissions on volume, however mounting the drive on the OS would (could) only be successful if you do have some rights. 


Hope someone can help on this.