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Questions regarding Advanced disk partitioned and normal disks.


Hi Team,



We have FAS2552 NetApp storage system deployed recently. At the time of installation i am not with this company. The guy who installed this 2554 sysyem may not aware of ADP concept. He created a root aggregate with 3 drives(ADP) for 2 nodes on cluster. He created data aggregates with normal disks(NON-ADP).


 We have total 13 ADP drives and which are only using in root aggregates on 2 nodes. Those are of 2.5 TB each. We are wasting total of 26TB by without using ADP drives.


I have few questions regarding this setup


1. Can we add those ADP drive data partitions to existing Non-ADP drive aggregate to increase the space?


2. If we were not able to add them to Non-ADP aggregate, i am planning to create a new aggregate with those unused drives. Is this best practice?


3. If any one of drive failed in ADP aggregate. We will replace it with new spare disk, by default those drives are Non-ADP drives. How to convert Non-ADP disk to ADP disks.




Please help me with this issue.


Re: Questions regarding Advanced disk partitioned and normal disks.


1. This is normal case of mixing drives of different sizes in a single aggregate. You cannot add them to existing raid group that consists of disks of larger size (same non-partitioned disks are of lager usable size). You can add them as separate raid group.


2. Same as 1 - best practive is to not use different disk kinds in single aggregate. YOu can of course create separate aggregate.


3. Spare will be auto-partitioned as needed. See also https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/why-is-a-newly-added-disk-not-auto-partitioned-on-hdd-and-aff-adp-systems?language=en_US

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