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QuotaUserName and QuotaTarget Are Empty in GetNcQuotaReport

When running Get-NcQuotaReport we get numerous entries where the QuotaUserName and QuotaTarget are empty or blank.  How do we find out which files are contributing to these?


Get-NcQuotaReport -Volume Our_Volume | Select-Object diskused,QuotaUsers,Quotatarget | Where-Object {$_.QuotaUsers.QuotaUserName -like ''}
DiskUsed  QuotaUsers QuotaTarget
--------  ---------- -----------
4         {} 
33426292  {} 
40        {} 
3026624   {} 
115472068 {} 
4         {} 
24859292  {} 
44        {} 
41184     {} 
5140      {} 
32        {} 
19480     {} 
34232     {} 
159148    {} 
4         {} 
32619876  {}



Re: QuotaUserName and QuotaTarget Are Empty in GetNcQuotaReport


I think there is no need to give -like 'users', simply :

Get-NcQuotaReport -Volume Our_Volume | Select-Object diskused,QuotaUsers,Quotatarget | format-table


That should also give us the same intended output, provided what 'quota  type' is applied.

Regarding the output you see:
Quotas have a type: they can be either user, group, or tree.


If it's tree, then you will see tree path as 'target' where quota is applied (vol/qtree). I think in your case it is 'user or group' with default quota, hence everyone will be listed as 'user', unless user/group target rule is applied.


Quota targets and types:

Regarding the filesize with in a volume/qtree: I guess you will need to lookout for a thirdparty tool, if you want to know which folder or file is eating up the most space.


In cDOT, I find this cool: You can use standard Unix/Linux command 'ls' command to see the file-system content, don't know how useful it is in your case:


For example: I used 'ls -ltr on the volume I have shared' 

ONTAP96-01*> ls -ltr /vol/vol_CIFS
d777 64 3 4096 Tue Sep 24 23:45:06 BST 2019 .
d777 64 3 4096 Tue Sep 24 23:45:06 BST 2019 ..
10777 97 1 731 Sat Aug 31 01:35:26 BST 2019 cifs-config.txt
10777 19222 1 166 Sun Mar 10 21:35:13 GMT 2019 dashboard-graffa.txt
d777 19223 2 4096 Tue Sep 24 23:45:06 BST 2019 qtree_cifs
ONTAP96-01*> ls -ltr /vol/vol_CIFS


Reference to third-party filescan tools:


Some useful threads for getting the report with 'sorting':

Re: QuotaUserName and QuotaTarget Are Empty in GetNcQuotaReport

I believe these entries are reported for objects that are owned by a SID that no longer exists in Active Directory so that is why the two fields are blank.

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