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Recommended vs. Latest Release


Wanted to get everyone's take on whether to deploy NetApp's "recommended" release of a version of OnTAP or the "latest" release. Here's my dilemma: I have a scheduled patch planned for Wednesday night to go from 9.3P10 to 9.3P15. I just noticed that 9.3P16 was released on Friday and read notes on various bugs fixes. A few of them could apply to us at some point, but I'm nervous about deploying a patch that is this new. Any suggestions?


Recommended Release Article




I don't see a reason to be afraid from a P release of 9.3 when 9.7 will be soon released.

its basically the latest 9.3 will the least amount of bugs 🙂


I would suggest to upgrade to 9.6 (or 9.5) to get all the new ONTAP goodies


Thanks @AvivDeg ! I actually can't go above 9.3 at the moment as we are still using SnapManager for SQL, which isn't supported on 9.4 or above. After we switch to SnapCenter over the next few months, I will upgrading to 9.4 and then 9.5.


And if anyone out there is still using IOM3 modules in any disk shelf....they are 100% not supported in ONTAP 9.4+

They literally show up as "unsupported" and no longer provide environmentals. 

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