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ontap 9.6 simulator can't ping beyond default gateway


Hi there,

I have installed the ontap virtual appliance 9.6 in VMware workstation to include it in a vcenter lab that I created before, the thing is that I'm not able to ping any other node in the storage network from the appliance and any other nodes cannot ping the LIf's, this is my firts time touching a netapp system so Im not sure if i did sonthing wrong, this is the actual configuration:


Switch eth1:

Windows VM: - -

vmk1-iscsi(esxi1): - -

vmk1-iscsi(esxi2): - -


LIF1: - -

Data protocol access: iscsi

Role: data

Eth port: e0d - Up


LIF2: - -

Data protocol access: iscsi

Role: data

Eth port: e0d - Up


SVM status: Running(iscsi)


Ping from Win VM to both ESXI's: works fine

Ping from both ESXI's to Win VM: works fine


Ping from Win VM to LIFs: Not working

Ping from LIFs to Win VM: not working

Ping from LIFs to both ESXIs: not working

Ping from ESXIs to LIFs: not working


Ping from LIF1 to LIF2: works fine

Ping from LIF2 to LIF1: works fine

Ping from LIFs to default gateway: works fine


What could be causing this or what should I check?

everything seems to be up and I believe the network is working fine as win vm and esxi's are communicating fine but i think the problem is on the ontap appliance, correct me if Im wrong.



Are the win and esx instances also running on the same workstation instance?  Not quite following the topology here.   Also check that the simulator's NICs are connected to the apprpriate network.  By default, some of them get connected to nat, and some get connected to host-only. 

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I agree. It sounds like the the interfaces are on the wrong port-group.

The NetApp LIFs can ping each other because they are on the same VLAN.

But the external connection is wrong so it is not passing.

Did you or do you need to do any VLAN tagging to allow networking to pass out?