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Reinstall FAS 2240-4 with CDOT 8.3 and ADP



I'm reinstalling a FAS2240-4 with CDOP and I want ADP to be configured on it.

I've followed all steps at article: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&actp=LIST&id=1015004.


Unfortuntaly I'm getting the following message just before starting the disk wipe (option 4 in the boot menu): "Feb 04 14:22:52 [tlvvocnp01-01:raid.autoPart.disabled:notice]: Auto-partitioning is disabled on this system: the system needs a minimum of 8 internal hard disks".


I've use the disk remove_ownership command on both nodes before entering wipe configd and verified disks had no ownership.


I've tried it using the following boot images: 831_q_image, 83_q_image


Any ideas?





Few questions:


1. What version and Data ONTAP was running prior to newwer version of ONTAP?

2. Were there new disks inserted later in the systems?

3. Any boot argument set to disable ADP in boot loader prompt?

How do I do that?
Boot into maintenance mode and assign the disks between the nodes?
Do I need to manually partition?
Is this expected behavior?


Yes, go in maintenance mode and assign drives to each node. May need (priv set advanced). Then do a new config and wipe drives. 


Assuming this is an empty system and there is no data to be preserved...


I dont think you need to assign the disk for this proceedure. At loader check setenv bootarg.init.boot_clustered true. You should then go to special boot, install new software, to put 8.3.x on flash, then reboot (on both nodes).  Then boot back to maintenance mode and run option4 with all the disk unassigned. System should build all the ADP partitions based on how many disk are available and install new root accordingly.


For additional Details, see KB https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1013517&cat=DATA_ONTAP_8_CLUSTER_MODE&actp=LIST



I assume you need to manually assign disks to nodes.
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