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NFS access from a cifs share folder

Hi Pals,


We are trying to provide an SFTP access to linux servers from CIFS share folder. We are able to mount it with root user in linux after adding in Netapp Exports. When they are trying to change the owner of that path with local user , it is denied with permission error  .


I have tried changing the following Fsecurity to everyone, options cifs.ntfs_ignore_security =on , user mapping . But nothing worked.


Since it is the first time we are doing , the problem should be at the basics.




Re: NFS access from a cifs share folder



you have to map the unix user to the windows user.


It's been done on the fileserver: /etc/usermap.cfg

And tell the filer the UID and GID: /etc/passwd


I suggest to create the volume with security style ntfs and mount it on the Linux host using mount -t cifs


If you go for mixed security, a chown on the linux side kills the windows permissions.



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