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Remove an aggregate from a FabricPool


Is there a way to remove an aggregate from a fabricpool, and have it re-hydrate the data back to the disks?


I tried looking for directions on removing a fabricpool, and there is nothing.  Plenty of instructions on how to set it up.


Re: Remove an aggregate from a FabricPool


Unfortunately there is no way to remove the cloud tier bucket without destroying the aggregate. The exception is a fabric pool mirror where you can remove one, but must have at least one once added. Attaching a tier is permanent. 


Workarounds possibly for you..set the tiering policy to none for all volumes so all data is in the performance tier.  The capacity tier will still be attached but not used.  Or if enough spare drives, volume move the volumes from the FabricPool aggr to a non-FabricPool aggregate, then when empty, destroy the fabric pool aggregate and reclaim the disks.

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Re: Remove an aggregate from a FabricPool


That is what I thought.


thanks for the info.



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