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What VM's are causing large snapshots on a datastore?


We are taking daily snapshots on a few datastores, and found very large size of snapshots are produced.


I don't have the access to these VM's (Windows), is there any way to find out what VM's and what Virtual disks or their change rates caused these snapshots?  If powercli script would be the solution, do you have one? Thanks!



check out a program called RVTools.  it's very good detailed report of your vcenter. 



on Window servers, are there commands to tell the amount of data or blocks being changed? If so, I can then have an idea about how much space being produced by this VM for Snapshots space.  


You'll probably have to run Resource Monitor/perfmon and see what is writing to disk. That's about all I know of.



You'd have to look at the VMs themselves. Typically page files or things like DB temp files cause this. The recommendation would be to separate those out into a separate volume that isn't deduped/mirrored.

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