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Repurpose FAS2220, CDOT and GBE switchless cluster



I would like to repurpose an old FAS2220 (dual controller) and so I installed the the latest available CDOT 9.1 for the FAS2220.


I'm facing two problems and I would like to know iof there is a solution or I need to use the storage as single node cluster.


1) My FAS2220 hasn't the 10GBE mezzanine card and so i cannot use 10GBit for cluster interconnect, and I would like to know if it's possible/suppported to use two 1GBit ports for the interconnection.

2) The system has 12 1GB SATA disks and i would like to use them in shared mode and so using the first 6 partition1 for the root of node1 and the other 6 partition1 for the root of node2, while using the remaining space of all 12 disks for a single aggregate on node1. Is this possible/supported?






You can check supported configurations in HWU (both cluster interconnect and ADP). Regarding cluster interconnect, there is no technical restrictions, you can use 1GbE ports, but this may not be supported.