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Restore NetAPP


Currently I have a filesystem infrastructure in NetAPP and will disable it in the future. Before deactivating I will perfome backup all the information and I will store it for 1 year in case I need some restore.

Do you know how to inform or advise me if there is any prerequisite for NetAPP that the restore should only be on NetAPP infrastructure or technology?


Thank You,


Re: Restore NetAPP

How do you plan to perform the backup and how are you using it? 

Re: Restore NetAPP

Currently the plan is use TSM Server how repository and use the command of backup via NDMP.  When perform the restore, then mount the filesystem in WindowsServer.

Re: Restore NetAPP

Hi Abiézer,


Windows cannot be the destination for a NDMP restore. I believe TSM can perform NAS to NAS restores when using the NDMPDUMP data format, however for Windows, you will need to mount the shares on a Windows server and back it up across the network.


Alternatively, you can test using the ONTAP simulator as the destination for the NDMP restore.



Re: Restore NetAPP

Ok. ThankYou !

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