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7MTT Error (40121)


I am getting blocking error (40121) in the 7MTT:


"The total combined number of DNS name servers on the specified 7-Mode storage systems and the SVMs is more than 3. Clustered Data ONTAP supports only 3 DNS name servers"


The KB in the recommened actions shows nothing (https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=8010446).


What is the workaround for this issue?


I've tried running the following command, to no avail:


transition cbt ignoragbleerrors add -p "project" -c ignore-cifs-ad-domain-mismatch



Hello - did you already have 3 different domains configured on the C-mode SVM? Looks like C-mode now has a best practice to configure one domain per SVM and hence failing transition. The command you’ve listed will ignore if there is a CIFS Domain mismatch between 7-mode and C-mode and by ignoring it you are accepting they are trusted domains. 

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