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Restore from SNAPVAULT


We are planning on implementing Snapvault in the next few weeks and prior to the implementation I need to understand all aspects of the product actually works. Initiating the SNAPVAULT and policies/schedules are easy enough to do. Where I am hitting a brick wall is how does one perform a granular/single file restore from a SNAPVAULT image?

just to make my life that much more difficult SNAPMIRROR was not ordered which removes the option of volume clones.

The hardware being rolled out consists of 1x 8040-CDOT 8.2.3 in production and 1x 8040-CDOT 8.2.3 in remote backup (no compute onsite).


I need to be able to restore a file from an iSCSI LUN presented to a physical server or a restore a file form a VM in a NFS volume.






Re: Restore from SNAPVAULT

AFAIU the only way to do is to FlexClone destination and connect to some VM to get access to files. I suppose some software may automate it.

It may be possible to file clone individual LUN, but in essence this is the same.

Re: Restore from SNAPVAULT


I was under the impression that Flexclon is not required so we have not purchased the Flexclone licence. Local NetApp SE sold us the bare minumum to get the job done, now I just need to know to do it on a shoe string budget.

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