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Need to know the difference between Snapvault and SnapMirror


Hi All,


I am a newbie to netapp, Ian confused in understanding some basic difference between the snapvault Vs snap mirror


Please provide your suggestions on my understanding to the below statements



1. Snapmirror  & Snapvault both uses the snapshot technology, where we will create a intial baseline transfers and then an incremental updates on both the technology


2. In snapmirrror- the initial baseline tranfer will transfer all the contents of the primary volume to secondary volume including all of the metadata.






1. Does the snpavault  initial baseline tranfer will tranfer all the all contents similar to snapmirror or it take a full copy of snapshot of primary qtree  and copies to the secondary volume


 2. If the primary volume fails , does the snapshot copies wil restore the data based on the baseline copy of fulll snapshot take during the initialization


     If so , snapshots deos not contains actual data rather it refers as pointers to the oigianl data and hww it resotres the original data without the primary volume containing the actual data as the secondary will be of meta data ?














Refer a similar discussion for details.

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