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Retaining an old snapshot to a different filer

I have a volume with a number of snapshots daily.1, daily.2 daily.3 and then a manually created snapshot called PreTest. I have had a request to copy the PreTest off somewhere else to keep it. The only ways I can think of doing this are 1 Snapmirror the volume once complete break the mirror which will keep everything 2 Vol clone the snapshot then break off the clone and copy that to the other filer which will take some time for the clone to break off or 3 vol clone the snapshot then snapvault the clone to the other filer. I am still trying to get my head around clones snapshots and snapvaulting but is number 3 a workable solution or is there some other way to copy that snapshot aside without keeping all the changes since ?


Re: Retaining an old snapshot to a different filer

Sure, ndmpcopy, “vol copy”. If you already have SnapMirror license, you can also use QSM which will copy single snapshot only, without any pre/post history.

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