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LUN shows Read-Only when trying to resize

Hi All,

I find this strange may be if anybody also encounter this error , I have a qtree with two LUNS in it ( LUN0 and LUN1 ) snapvaulted to my secondary filer after the snapvault i tried to increase the size destination LUN0 it says it is a Read-Only Filesystem and cannot increase but LUN1 is jus working fine. Anybody got the reason why this happening.




Re: LUN shows Read-Only when trying to resize

Hi Nayab,

You can't increase the snapvaulted destination lun. Snapvualt destination is alwasy read only...

But why you want to extend the destination lun?

If you want to do this then you must need to convert the snapvult DR to snapmirror DR and break the snapmirror and then you can extend the DR lun.


Bhola Gond

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