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Running a reallocate after disk shelf add


I added a disk shelf and expanded a data aggregate.  Running a reallocate start -f  -p /vol/vol01. It is running but I would like to 

quiesce and restart at a later time. Ran reallocate quiesce /vol/vol01.  The command ran and did not return anything.  Its been a few hours and the it still shows a status of Running after running reallocate status -instance.  Does it significant time to quiesce? What should I expect at this point? The reason I am trying to quiesce is to delete some volume snapshots in an attempt to speed up the reallocate. How do you suggest I proceed?





When expanding the aggregate i never will do a reallocation. Because this will be done automatically over time. Reallocation will consume CPU and will take time. As all data needs to be read and rewritten in full stripes over all disks in the aggregate. According to me deleting snapshot will make additional room and more reads must be done to get the needed to rewrite a full stripe. I have no idea about how long the quiesce process needs to stop...

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